publications by categories in reversed chronological order. Corresponding author is denoted with '#'.


  1. RSER
    The value of solar forecasts and the cost of their errors: A review
    Oktoviano GandhiWenjie Zhang# , Dhivya Sampath Kumar, Carlos D Rodrı́guez-Gallegos, and 4 more authors
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2024
    Wind Power Forecasting in the presence of data scarcity: A very short-term conditional probabilistic modeling framework
    Sen Wang,  Wenjie Zhang# , Yonghui Sun, Anupam Trivedi, and 2 more authors
    Energy 2024


  1. Cascade Graph Neural Networks for Few-Shot Learning on Point Clouds
    Yangfan Li, Cen Chen, Weiquan Yan, Zhongyao Cheng, and 2 more authors
    IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2023
  2. TIA
    An Interval Prediction Approach of Wind Power Based on Skip-GRU and Block-Bootstrap Techniques
    Hao Quan, Wei Zhang,  Wenjie Zhang , Zixiong Li, and 1 more author
    IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 2023
  3. TSTE
    SoilingEdge: PV Soiling Power Loss Estimation at the Edge Using Surveillance Cameras
    Wenjie Zhang , Vaidheeswaran Archana, Oktoviano Gandhi, Carlos D Rodrı́guez-Gallegos, and 5 more authors
    IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 2023


  1. JEST
    Effects of ’invisible’ energy storage on power system operations
    Oktoviano Gandhi, Dhivya Sampath Kumar, Carlos D Rodrı́guez-Gallegos,  Wenjie Zhang# , and 2 more authors
    Journal of Energy Storage 2022
  2. AE
    Investigation of spatial correlation on optimal power flow with high penetration of wind power: A comparative study
    Hao Quan, Junjie Lv, Jian Guo, and  Wenjie Zhang#
    Applied energy 2022
  3. Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment of Photovoltaic System in Indonesia
    Oktoviano Gandhi, Carlos D Rodrı́guez-Gallegos, and  Wenjie Zhang
    Logistic and Operation Management Research (LOMR) 2022
  4. RSER
    Levelised cost of PV integration for distribution networks
    Oktoviano GandhiCarlos D. Rodríguez-GallegosWenjie Zhang# , Thomas Reindl, and 1 more author
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2022


  1. TSTE
    Deep-learning-based probabilistic estimation of solar PV soiling loss
    Wenjie Zhang , Shunqi Liu, Oktoviano Gandhi, Carlos D Rodrı́guez-Gallegos, and 2 more authors
    IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 2021
  2. TASC.
    Spatial Correlation Modeling for Optimal Power Flow With Wind Power: Feasibility in Application of Superconductivity
    Hao Quan, Junjie Lv,  Wenjie Zhang# , and Tao Wang
    IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 2021


  1. AE
    Local reactive power dispatch optimisation minimising global objectives
    Oktoviano GandhiWenjie Zhang , Carlos D Rodriguez-Gallegos, Hadrien Verbois, and 3 more authors
    Applied energy 2020
  2. TSG
    Improving probabilistic load forecasting using quantile regression NN with skip connections
    Wenjie Zhang#Hao QuanOktoviano Gandhi, Ram Rajagopal, and 2 more authors
    IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 2020
  3. TSTE
    SolarGAN: Multivariate solar data imputation using generative adversarial network
    Wenjie Zhang , Yonghong Luo, Ying Zhang, and Dipti Srinivasan
    IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 2020



    1. AE
      Economic and technical analysis of reactive power provision from distributed energy resources in microgrids
      Oktoviano Gandhi, Carlos D Rodrı́guez-Gallegos,  Wenjie ZhangDipti Srinivasan, and 1 more author
      Applied energy 2018
    2. TSG
      Distributed model-predictive real-time optimal operation of a network of smart microgrids
      Kumar Utkarsh, Dipti Srinivasan, Anupam Trivedi,  Wenjie Zhang , and 1 more author
      IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 2018
    3. TPWRS
      Analytical approach to reactive power dispatch and energy arbitrage in distribution systems with DERs
      Oktoviano GandhiWenjie Zhang , Carlos D Rodriguez-Gallegos, Monika Bieri, and 2 more authors
      IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 2018
    4. TSG
      An improved quantile regression neural network for probabilistic load forecasting
      Wenjie Zhang#Hao Quan, and Dipti Srinivasan
      IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 2018
    5. ENERGY
      Parallel and reliable probabilistic load forecasting via quantile regression forest and quantile determination
      Wenjie Zhang#Hao Quan, and Dipti Srinivasan
      Energy 2018
    6. AE
      A multi-agent based integrated volt-var optimization engine for fast vehicle-to-grid reactive power dispatch and electric vehicle coordination
      Wenjie Zhang#Oktoviano GandhiHao Quan, Carlos D Rodrı́guez-Gallegos, and 1 more author
      Applied energy 2018


    1. TIA
      A siting and sizing optimization approach for PV–battery–diesel hybrid systems
      Carlos D Rodriguez-Gallegos, Oktoviano Gandhi, Dazhi Yang, Manuel S Alvarez-Alvarado, and 3 more authors
      IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 2017