Dr. Wenjie ZHANG

An Energy Researcher, An AI Engineer


Research Assitant Professor



Research Assistant Professor

Doctor of philosophy

Bachelor of Engineering

Dr. Zhang’s research interests focus on explainable and trustworthy AI and its applications in smart grids, with a broad scope encompassing big data analytics and multimodal learning. He has secured more than seven internal industrial funding as the principal investigator in companies and served as a principal researcher in four national research projects supported by government agencies such as the Energy Market Authority in Singapore and AI@SG.

Position Openings

Along with Prof. Chung Chi-Yung (Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, IEEE, EIC, IET, and HKIE), Dr. Zhang is recruiting multiple postdoctoral fellows, research associates, and Ph.D. students as part of the Research Centre for Grid Modernization. The targeted research areas include, but are not limited to:

  1. AI-based grid digitalization and renewable integration
  2. Multimodal learning for defect/fault detection in smart grids
  3. Big data-based energy policy analysis.

Potential applicants are cordially invited to reach out to Dr. Zhang at wenjie-ee.zhang[at]polyu.edu.hk, and kindly copy Prof. Chung at c.y.chung[at]polyu.edu.hk with their inquiries. To be eligible for consideration as a postdoctoral fellow or research associate, it is required that applicants have received a degree from a top 150 university/institute in the world or have a related field of study that is ranked within the top 150. However, exceptional candidates who have demonstrated outstanding research outputs may be considered for admission, regardless of their institutional affiliation. For applicants from Mainland China, graduation from a 985/211 university/institute is required.


Oct 17, 2023 Our paper entitled The Value of Solar Forecasting and the Cost of Its Errors: A Review was accepted at Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.
Aug 27, 2023 Our paper entitled SoilingEdge: PV Soiling Power Loss Estimation at the Edge Using Surveillance Cameras was accepted at IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy.
Feb 9, 2023 I officially joined PolyU and start my new journey as a research assistant professor. I am very excited to work with Prof. Chung Chi-Yung and his team. I am also grateful to Prof. Dipti Srinivasan for her support and guidance during my Ph.D. study.
Sep 9, 2022 Our paper entitled Levelised Cost of PV Integration for Distribution Networks was accepted in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews :sparkles: :smile:
Nov 7, 2015 More updates on the way

selected publications

  1. TSTE
    SolarGAN: Multivariate solar data imputation using generative adversarial network
    Wenjie Zhang , Yonghong Luo, Ying Zhang, and Dipti Srinivasan
    IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 2020
  2. TSTE
    Deep-learning-based probabilistic estimation of solar PV soiling loss
    Wenjie Zhang , Shunqi Liu, Oktoviano Gandhi, Carlos D Rodrı́guez-Gallegos, and 2 more authors
    IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 2021